I import my models via two different importers: PLY and COLLADA.

Even if I use the same RGB values, after import, the brightness is vastly different between the two.

The PLY import has very dark colours.

I hook up the colour-per-vertex as so:

enter image description here

My PLY header:

format ascii 1.0
element vertex 2688
property float x
property float y
property float z
property uchar red
property uchar green
property uchar blue
element face 896
property list uchar uint vertex_indices

How can I get colour-per-vertex PLY loading without getting colours that are too dark?

NOTE: The difference seems far too large to be a simple LINEAR/SRGB issue.

  • $\begingroup$ Have you checked that both actual contain the same values in the file? Might be that the export already causes the problem and not the import. $\endgroup$ – rjg Aug 2 at 7:28

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