For example, changing the start and end of a simulation for multiple objects with soft-body physics applied.

Changing this:

enter image description here

Would change the cache settings for SoftBody.1, SoftBody.2, SoftBody.3 (which could all have different soft-body settings).


I've come up with two solutions.

(1) If the physics settings are the same for all objects:

Change the cache settings for one object, then link the modifier to all other objects using Make Links > Modifiers (Hotkey CTRL + L)

(2) If the physics settings are different:

Use Python (Blender 2.8):

import bpy

# get objects in selection
for obj in bpy.context.collection.all_objects:
    if obj.modifiers:
        for modifier in obj.modifiers:
            if modifier.type == "SOFT_BODY":
                # adjust range here
                modifier.point_cache.frame_start = 1
                modifier.point_cache.frame_end = 3000

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