When using blender 2.8x on an old 4x3 monitor the workspace tabs get shifted too far right and its a handy option to collapse the menus.

enter image description here

For most, if not all, other area headers, this can be achieved by collapsing menus and saving the start up file.

For other editor types it can also be toggled via script by finding all header regions and passing that area via a context override to header toggle menus op

import bpy

for a in bpy.context.screen.areas:
    bpy.ops.screen.header_toggle_menus({"area" : a})

to toggle menus in headers of all areas in screen.

but have no idea how to create the override for the topbar... so for now I have to toggle it manually each time I open blender.

Can the topbar in blender have menus collapsed saved as default?


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