Ok, so, I've tried everything hence putting this question up here. Here is one of the generated png files of a project I am working on

enter image description here

I generated the project png files with the below color management settings

enter image description here

But in the video sequencer editor, when I join the files to create the final animation, this is what I get. Weird additional color being added to the file.

enter image description here

My first question is why is this happening? Why is the sequencer adding additional stuff to the already generated PNG files? Why doesn't it just join the files as is?

Second, I tried changing the Sequencer options in the color management. Option "Raw" & "No-color" look the same as the PNG files.

enter image description here

P.S the sequencer is selected as Raw. Even with Raw on rendering the animation this is what I get.

enter image description here

I am just so confused. Why is this happening?


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