Working in Blender 2.79 and having trouble parenting eyes to a Rigify cat rig.

Each eye is made of two objects. The painted inner eye and the clear outer shell which is parented to the inner eye.

To parent an eye to the RIG control bone (with RIG in pose mode) I do the following:

Left Click the Outer Eye in the Outliner.

Select-Left Click the Inner Eye in the Outliner.

Select-Right Click the Control Bone (rig : ORG-eye.L) in the 3D view.

Hit ctrl-P and select Bone.

When this is done the eyes parent correctly but the Inner Eye moves straight back along the Y-axis and rotates around its original location when the rig controls are moved.

enter image description here (Outer eye is not shown in picture as this was taken before solving a separate problem with it.)

It has been suggested elsewhere to just go through adding and deleting modifiers and constraints until something shows up. As far as I can tell there are no modifiers or constraints currently applied to inner eyes and any I have tried have done nothing except come up with notices I should be working in Bone Constraints. HUH?

Any ideas what could be throwing off the position of the inner eyes and what to do about it? I suspect I'm going to have the same problem with the inner mouth.



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