I need the shortcut that will open the Node Wrangler menu in 2.8. I found this thread: Shortcut list txt for node wrangler from 2017. It says Ctrl+Shift+Alt+wm.call_menu. But what is wm.call_menu?? Anyway, I need a shortcut valid for Blender 2.8.


Shortcut for the Node Wrangler's Quick access menu in 2.8 is Shift+W.
Shortcut for Node Wrangler's Quick access menu in 2.79 is Ctrl+Spacebar.

You can also press T to open Properties shelf on the right in 2.8 or N to open Toolshelf on the left in 2.79 and prior and open Node Wrangler addon's tab; there you will find all the tools it provides with shortcuts shown if you hover over them as well as the Quick Access shortcut written in the top.

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I don't have any idea what Ctrl+Shift+Alt+wm.call_menu actually is; wm.call_menu is a command entered into RNA field in the user prefs shortcut dialog and has nothing to do with a shortcut itself, it's a way to tell Blender menu with some choices should appear. The source for the choices is then pointed out in the Name field.

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