I have an path I made and tweaked in edit mode. And I want an object to follow that path. But when I hit the Ctrl. P, Follow Path, the transformation orientation of the object gets messed up. Rotating on the Z axis looks like its rotating on the X, transforming along the Y axis makes it go on the Z axis. Is there a check box I didn't hit or something? Can someone help me fix my orientation issue?

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    $\begingroup$ The easiest way to avoid this is to use an Empty as the path-following object. It doesn't matter which axis is doing what so long as it's following the path. Next, parent your object to that Empty. Drag it to wherever it's to start from and even keyframe it's own independent animations while it follows the Empty. (weaving and ducking, shaking, limb animation, etc) $\endgroup$ – Edgel3D Jul 26 at 4:06

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