I have this simple rigid body cube simulation where the red cube is active while the rest of objects are passive


when the simulation starts, this cube will roll all the way down, bounces and fall until it exceeds the block on the right


but when I re-run the simulation without the white block (the white object on the top left) which doesn't affect the cube, the red cube will fall and stuck before the blocks on the right resulting differently from previous simulation


this problem happens sometimes when I'm adjusting some objects, adding or duplicating objects that will result to different simulation

I wonder what I'm doing wrong that could affect every objects with simple adjustments or is there a way so my simulation will act the same as long as it doesn't affect the active rigid body?

Additional: I also use keyframes for my active cube so it will simulate on the keyframe I want, but sometimes when I change the keyframe, it also act differently

Here is the blend file:

I hope someone could help


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