I've got a scene in Blender (simple house) where I want to bake the lightmap of certain objects (e.g. the floor). My goal is to export the whole model in the .gltf format to use it with three js. I already applied various texture maps but when it comes to baking the shadows, I'm not sure how to do this the right way. I know how to bake the actual lightmap by baking "shadows" (if that's even the right approach) but when overlaying it with the textures (I found some solutions on stackexchange) in the node editor, the result doesn't look appealing and realistic at all. Baking the "combined" texture leads me to the best result but the rendering time takes ages and I've read a lot that it's better to apply the lightmap as a seperate layer and leave the texture set as it is - but whats the best way to do that? I need to have the lightmap already implemented in the final .gltf model.

Thanks in advance


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