Is source code for the ocean modifier accessible? I looked through my Blender installation, but I can't find it.

I'm trying to create a game (not in Blender because it's for iOS/Android) and would like to use real-time generated ocean waves rather than using prebaked .obj files, but have no idea how to make waves like that on my own.


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You can't find the source within the Blender installation because it's compiled code (C/C++).

An probably older implementation: Blender_Ocean.c has pointers to the original paper by Jerry Tessendorf Simulating Ocean Water.

You find the current source file in GIT version control


From Blender's wiki:

The core simulator was developed by Drew Whitehouse, for the Houdini Ocean Toolkit. This was ported to C by Hamed Zaghaghi and integrated in a patch for the Blender 2.4 series, sponsored by ProMotion Studios/Red Cartel during production of the short film Lighthouse.

In this work, Matt Ebb re-integrated the core simulator for Blender 2.5, and added additional functionality, fixes, and optimisations, sponsored by the 'Save the Ocean Sim' project.

So perhaps the Houdini Ocean Toolkit is a good place to start for a non-Blender implementation.


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