Is source code for the ocean modifier accessible? I looked through my Blender installation, but I can't find it.

I'm trying to create a game (not in Blender because it's for iOS/Android) and would like to use real-time generated ocean waves rather than using prebaked .obj files, but have no idea how to make waves like that on my own.


You can't find the source within the Blender installation because it's compiled code (C/C++).

An probably older implementation: Blender_Ocean.c has pointers to the original paper by Jerry Tessendorf Simulating Ocean Water.

You find the current source file in GIT version control


From Blender's wiki:

The core simulator was developed by Drew Whitehouse, for the Houdini Ocean Toolkit. This was ported to C by Hamed Zaghaghi and integrated in a patch for the Blender 2.4 series, sponsored by ProMotion Studios/Red Cartel during production of the short film Lighthouse.

In this work, Matt Ebb re-integrated the core simulator for Blender 2.5, and added additional functionality, fixes, and optimisations, sponsored by the 'Save the Ocean Sim' project.

So perhaps the Houdini Ocean Toolkit is a good place to start for a non-Blender implementation.


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