I've been following this tutorial trying to create this lamp post:

Lamp Post

And I'm having trouble doing the carved in square part in the center. In the video, he just does ctrl+i and scales it in. I have tried that but I can only scale in the top part:

My Lamp Post What am I doing wrong?

  1. select a loop of faces
  2. press I
  3. press again I
  4. scale by moving the mouse towards the center of your object
  5. Click LMB (left mouse button)
  6. press E do not move the mouse, I immediately
  7. press S and now scale to the desired size
  8. Click LMB (left mouse button) to end the action

Inset Example


  • I (inset) x 1, with only one face selected, it will create a single frame on that face
  • I (inset) x 1, with a loop of Selected faces will create a single frame on that face within the range of selected faces
  • I (inset) x 2, with a single face selected will create a single frame within each face of the selected range

Inset + Inset Example

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ctrli is to invert the selection, not inset. If you want to inset individual faces, don't just use i, use ii, it should work.

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