I have a mesh that has duplifaces (https://youtu.be/diI8xJ9oo_8) on it and I want to know if there’s a way to make all the duplifaces one mesh so I can edit each part that’s duplicated individually in Belender 2.8 (in previous version solution was shift ctrl-A on the parent object, but now it doesn't work). Thanks


In object mode select the parent object, press F3 to access the search menu and type "make instances real".

Or in the menu look for Object>apply>make instances real. (or press ⎈ Ctrl+A and select Make Instances Real)

enter image description here

Form the blender 2.8 manual

Make Instances Real creates a new object for each instance generated by the selected ones, and removes any direct instancing from those.

In the end, each instance becomes a real object.


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