When exporting files from blender I have a couple of problems right now,

Problem 1, When I go to export files and say I have only the Model selected With its current clothes (There are many clothes off to the side for like outfits and stuff) and I Click on export only the selected it Still exports the clothes files off to the side when I bring them into unreal engine 4, I have tried both manually selecting them with Shift+RMB and with B then dragging over only what I want to export then again selecting the export selected only option but with no luck.

Problem two is that the colors when exporting from blender aren't the same, like sometimes bits of the color will be the same but for the most part on like skin its not but for the clothing it will be I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and if you have fixed it if you could tell me how, and just as an example lets take the schools headmaster File I have when I export the headmaster the clothing will be the right colors form blender but then the skin might be a gray and the hair may be white I just thought this was odd.

Thank you for your time and any help would greatly be appreciated.


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