What difference does it make if I texture the low-poly model directly or texture the high-poly model and bake the result onto the low-poly model? What i want to say is in which cases i should bake the textures from the high poly mesh to the low poly mesh ?

  • $\begingroup$ what do you mean by "texture"? $\endgroup$ – moonboots Jul 7 '19 at 19:23
  • $\begingroup$ In addition to @moonboots comment - clearly it depends on your model and its details. "Texturing" is a bit more than just slapping some colors on a model. Think of Normal Textures and what they do. If you just want to skip the baking process, why bother with a high-poly model at all? Feel free to use the edit link below your question to add missing infos and maybe some images as well. $\endgroup$ – metaphor_set Jul 7 '19 at 19:28
  • $\begingroup$ Yes please give an example $\endgroup$ – moonboots Jul 7 '19 at 19:50

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