I have a model with an armature, with IK legs, that I want to animate. Before I begin animating, I would first like to constrain it to a rooms boundaries, specifically the floor. When I set up the "Floor" constraint to my root bone, I get unwanted results. When the character collides with the floor, the entire plane moves along with the characters root bone, rather than the character stopping when colliding with floor. Movement upwards works fine, as there is no collision. I have tried tweaking settings in the constraints tab, but am not getting any results.

Would gladly have someone point me in the right direction for setting up an IK-rig + body with a floor constraint. Any ideas where I am going wrong?

Below are images of the problem(the added box is for height reference):

Starting position enter image description here

Character up works fine enter image description here

Character down is pushing floor down along with the root bone enter image description here


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