When I start blender, create an e.g. cube and want to export this cube as obj I do this via:
File -> Export -> Wavefront (.obj)
In the opened export dialog I see e.g. besides the last used file location the OBJ export properties like: Selection Only, Animation etc.
These properties are defined in "<<blender location>>/scripts/addons/io_scene_obj/__init__.py" where the ExportOBJ class is registered as operator I think.

If I export my scene as OBJ via the Wavefront (.obj) UI dialog blender saves the last set property state values like Selection Only.

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How can I get those property values in a python script? So for the Selection Only a boolean like:
selection_only = bpy.ops.export_scene.obj.use_selection


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Window manager methods

Prior to running python console code below I have exported the scene to wavefront obj, set a filepath and chosen use selection.

>>> wm = C.window_manager

>>> props = wm.operator_properties_last("export_scene.obj")

Running auto-complete props.CtrlSpace

>>> props.

          ... cut for brevity...

>>> props.

Can get any property value

>>> props.use_uvs

This is the default value for use_uvs

If however we iterate over items, will get those values last used that are non default.

>>> for k, v in props.items():
...     k, v
('filepath', '/home/batfinger/Desktop/untitled.obj')
('use_selection', 1)

To run the operator again using the same properties from code could simply make this a dictionary and pass it to the operator as kwargs

>>> d = {k : v for k, v in props.items()} # or d = dict(props.items())
>>> bpy.ops.export_scene.obj(**d)
Progress:   0.00%
    (  0.0003 sec |   0.0000 sec) OBJ Export path: '/home/batfinger/Desktop/untitled.obj'
Progress:   0.00%
Progress:   8.33%
Progress:  16.67%
Progress:  25.00%
Progress:  33.33%
Progress:  41.67%
Progress:  50.00%
          (  0.0044 sec |   0.0034 sec) Finished writing geometry of 'Cube'.
Progress:  50.00%
Progress:  50.00%
Progress:  50.00%
      (  0.0058 sec |   0.0051 sec) Finished exporting geometry, now exporting materials
Progress: 100.00%
      (  0.0074 sec |   0.0067 sec) OBJ Export Finished
Progress: 100.00%
Progress: 100.00%
Progress: 100.00%
Progress: 100.00%

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you that's the solution :) I searched the whole web for a solution and browsed through the api docs. How did you know about it? $\endgroup$
    – schlegel11
    Commented Jul 9, 2019 at 23:41

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