So I'm making a walk animation, and when I move directly from one key frame to another the mesh and armature glitch. Like when I press the button to skip forwards to the next frame from frame one to two the foot bone twists around on the x axis several times. Some thing similar happens when I move from two to one. But when I play the animation not glitches occur. This makes it impossible to compare translation between frames. How do I fix this? I have had problems with things like this in Unity and all I had to do was delete a cache of data to fix it. But I have no idea where you would do that with blender. Also I would upload my blend file with this post but I don't know where to upload it too.


It is a cyclic dependency.

When you move the foot controler, the console output reads. (Screenshot at the end of the post.) Open the console from the infobar menu: Window > Toggle System Console on windows.

Dependency cycle detected:
  shin.L depends on thigh.L through Parent Relation.
  foot.L depends on shin.L through Parent Relation.
  IKKnee.L depends on foot.L through Parent Relation.
  thigh.L depends on IKKnee.L through IK Constraint.

I suggest parenting the IKKnee bones to the IKFoot bones. Then there will be a hierarchical dependency.

cyclic dependency

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    $\begingroup$ Ya that seemed to solve it thanks $\endgroup$ – Bpbutcher Jul 4 '19 at 1:41

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