I have modeled a vessel which carries tons of weightenter image description here I want to make a kind of building animation for the vessel all the parts drop from top smootly and sequent do you have ideas how to make it.


Start with each piece as a different object, that is each piece which you want to fall into place at a different time. In edit mode press P and choose loose parts or selection to break larger objects into smaller pieces.

Go to the end of the animation and insert a keyframe for the location of each piece. A to select all, then I->Location. now go back to the beginning of the animation and move everything up so that it is out of the camera view. Insert another keyframe, I->Location.

Now that everything is falling at the same time, go into the dopesheet and stagger the start and end times for each piece.

dopesheet with staggered animation

example animation

While it might have a learning curve to start, you may also want to consider using animation nodes.

  • $\begingroup$ Thanks for your help :) , but I need something like propotional edit in dopesheet I have 280 object and make those animation in a sequnce manually too hard $\endgroup$ – ilhan keskin Jul 9 '19 at 6:44

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