Hello I am using Blender 2.8 (2019/06/15). I have two vertices with the same position. enter image description here

Is there any way how to select these both vertices by draging over them (by selecting tool) without using transparent scene? Switching into transparent is a bit uncomfortable for me :D


  • $\begingroup$ what i sometimes do when in a case with a lot of geometry and will be confusing if go into transparent scene, is that i will choose one, press G+X+(1) then choose the other do the transformation i want and then choose the first G+X+(-1) but that doesn't always apply. some times i'm forced to just hide most of the rest of the mesh and go into transparent scene. BTW not sure if this counts as an answer so i don't want to misguide anyone but if someone thinks this is a answer then i will move it, i just don't want someone to google this and think it's answered. $\endgroup$ – J Block Jun 29 '19 at 18:17

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