I created a basic cube and mapped a png picture(containing transparent part) to its top face. The result looks good in blender. However after I imported this model to unity3d, I found the transparent part of the png texture look dirty and the icon part lost its original green color.

Model appearence in blender model appearence in blender

Model appearence in unity3D

model appearence in unity3D

I tried a lot of configurations of material and model in both unity and blender. But none of them worked. I think what I want should be very common in daily blender operations but its weird I found no solution on internet about this issue. The only solution I could come up for this is adding green background to my png picture so there is no transparency part to deal. But it will add extra work and I believe there must be a better way to do it which just I don't know how. Could anyone give me a hint about this issue?


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