update: i used schaling to work around this.

I have a watertap simulation that I am working on. Only the problem is that when finished baking the domain cube is visible until the moment that the watertap inflow gets enabled (is animated on). I have searched and found that you can animate the domain use when rendering (domain fluid, camera icon). It did work the sometimes but, the last few times it did not. I completely build new the inflow and domain again and again.

the watertap inflow starts at frame 65 and until then the domain (camera icon) is animated disabled, but still the domain is visible during frames 0-65.

Could someone help me with the domain problem? Also there are ice cubes droped in the water, only 2. But in playback there seems to be about 8 cubes?? Don't know what that is.

I like the blender tool so trying to get the fluid (and other simulations running correct). To me the simulations seem to be the hardest to predict and control of the blender toolbox.

url to my blender file :


  • $\begingroup$ update ( in the mean time a found that this cube domain visible is a 2.80 bug. I worked around it by scaling the domain to 0 when not needed visible. $\endgroup$ – Blenderthen Jun 29 at 16:12

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