I tried to bake the normal of the material.(I have the normal map and i want it in the shape of the uv map).What is wrong ?) Or,if i want to obtain the normal map in this shape what can i do ?I want to do the same thing for the diffuse and roughtness.Ba

  • $\begingroup$ In your image editor, create a new image and save it to an easy to find location on your computer. In your material: Add an image texture node, load in your Normal map (it should be black at the moment). Don't connect it to anything. Leave it selected in your material in the node editor. Then bake the normal map. It should bake the normal map onto your new image (because you have it selected in your node editor). Once you get the result you want, save the image. $\endgroup$ – Mark Jackson Jun 26 at 14:21

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