How can I call up this name (Key.001) in python? Every object has it's own one Key name (Key, Key.001, Key.002, Key.003...)

Blender File

Here it is in the in the console. in order to show it up I had to drag the value slider of the shape key:

Python console

So what I'm asking for is what is the name of the variable that puts the "Key.001" there.

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I figured it out. I also added the basis name, shape key name and shape key index:

import bpy
#Defines the selected shape key index.
selected_shape_key_index = bpy.context.object.active_shape_key_index
print("The selected shape key index is",selected_shape_key_index)
#Defines the selected shape key name.
selected_shape_key_name = bpy.context.object.active_shape_key.name
print("The selected shape key name is",selected_shape_key_name)
#Defines the selected shape key collection.
selected_shape_key_collection = bpy.context.object.active_shape_key.id_data.name
print("The selected shape key collection is called",selected_shape_key_collection)

#Defines the Basis name
basis_name = bpy.data.shape_keys[selected_shape_key_collection].key_blocks[0].name
print("The basis name is",basis_name)

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