I saw an answer to a question in "How to make a spiral out of a circle" (Create spiral out of circle), in which the person with the answer starts by drawing a single edge from the origin to a point along the X axis. (Please refer to the first answer to the question).

What are the exact steps to draw a single edge, starting at the origin and extending along one of the axes? Many thanks, and sorry in advance for such a simple question! (I tried extruding a point, and also creating an edge between two points, among other solutions, but nothing has worked so far).

  • You can just add a plane and delete two vertices.


  • Enable the Add Mesh Extra Objects addon. You can add an object that has a single vertex.

    • Then enter edit mode and extrude that vertex to get an edge. or
    • select the vertex and click while holding the ⎈ Ctrl key to create a new vertex (and an edge) that are connected to the active vertex.


  • Add any mesh object. Enter edit mode and delete all vertices. Then ⎈ Ctrl Click to create a new vertex and extrude or create an edge by ⎈ Ctrl clicking.
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  • $\begingroup$ Many thanks! (For some reason, I must've been doing something wrong and wasn't able to extrude when I tried before, but now it's extruding fine). $\endgroup$ – Crowdpleasr Jun 23 '19 at 6:11

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