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I can find plenty of tutorials on good edge loops while modelling the head, hands, feet but nothing on the main body itself, any help please?


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I will compile comments to other questions.
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Should I restart my character mesh?

There is no need to reinvent anything topology-wise, it has been done many times before by experienced artists. A simple search shows many examples. Just research and copy if you are not as experienced.

  • lightwave base mesh
    enter image description here
  • upper back and shoulders
    enter image description here

From Are self intersecting edge loops legal

You want to have the edge loops perpendicular or aligned with the direction of movement/the alignment of the muscles. The ring muscles should be supported with multiple loops. Self intersecting loops probably are not the best solution, spirals most definitely not.

The Blender Foundation's Blenderella Training course, also focuses on the lower body.


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