OK im trying to get into creating 3D environments and decided to start with a generic interior scene. to save myself some work i decided to go for the Modular Asset approach, i have started off simple creating a:

-Plain wall -Wall with Doorway -Wall with a window

So here are my issues, i have started using Substance Painter/Designer to Texture my more unique assets such as furniture, However where i need the textures to be tillable with itself as well as the other variations of it.

enter image description here

OK so here are the assets, nothing special i just kept it all pretty simple all 3 of these are the same Dimensions, share the same UV space so that the Image texture would tile equally however i was still not getting the results i wanted, additionally im not sure how Image textures work with other maps etc.

enter image description here

Here is another example this time with a UV, both sides are overlayed so they share the texture.

So i guess my question is How should i go about this, are the Models/UV's right? Are you able to make the texture sets im looking for using Substance Painter? I heard there is something called a Texture Atlas is this a thing that would work best?

I plan on making these assets Exporting them to Unity to build my scenes etc, any help or tips in creating Modular assets like this is greatly appreciated.


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