I`m trying to extrude an edge from a simple plane(or box or any other simple object) but Ctrl+E in edit mode then dragging on the yellow handle just moves the extruded edge around without any restraints. I found something about Axis Locking which I couldn't get to work in 2.8. The same issue seems to exist when extruding faces and vertices.

The workaround I found via some tutorials: dragging out the edge then canceling before committing, then using the gizmo (W) to move in a certain direction. I`m sure that's not how it's done but tutorials and docs didn't yield anything useful on the matter (maybe bad search skills in which case I apologize in advance)


E< to extrude followed by the axis you want to constrain to. So E Xwould constrain to the X axis.

Alternatively E to extrude and hold down the middle mouse button and that also constrains.

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  • $\begingroup$ scratch that. I just reset my keymap settings and now it works even with industry standard keymap. not sure what overwrote that $\endgroup$ – akaChris Jun 19 '19 at 8:00

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