in order to start tinkering with 2.8 add-ons and scripts I tried to compile the Blender source into a python-module.

I tried to stick to this guide but it seems, the process has slightly changed since 2015 (for example the mentioned CMake-option "WITH_PLAYER" doesn't exist anymore, afaik).

Of course I tried doing it myself, but failed. My steps were the following:

  1. Cloning the GitHub source

  2. Running "install_deps.sh" to get all the dependencies

  3. Running "make bpy", which created the "build_linux_bpy"-folder

  4. Running "make install" within this new folder, ran successfully but there was still no bpy-module available inside my Python installation

Over all I'm quite confused by this entire process. Has anyone managed to build and use the bpy-module? What steps are necessary to get it up and running?

Best regards!


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