Beforehand, this question is manly for those people who have experience working with Blender-genrated object in Unreal Engine 4 (although, probably any general game engine knowledge will suffice). So, I am having trouble generating light maps and getting good results when building lights for my Blender meshes in Unreal Engine 4.

I have a fairly simple mesh of a wall section with a stairs running up in the middle, made in Blender 2.79:

enter image description here

The main mesh is maid out of eight different meshes then joined together (stairs, railing, walls, yellow line, ect.), all properly triangulated in Blender.

As I was getting very weird result with auto-generated light maps after importing it to UE4, I've decided to make my own in Blender as well, which--according to the ton of tutorials I've read/watched--should be fine:

enter image description here

When I render lighting in UE4 (4.22.2), however, I still get incorrect shadows (though it is much better than was before when I auto generated them upon import). I have small dark spots, the shadow on the stairs is all jacked up, and the wall section on the right is noticeably lighter than the others:

enter image description here

I have tried increasing the resolution of the light map all the way to 1024 (which, if I understand it correctly, is way too high), but I am having the same errors.

Do you fine people have any insight on what I am doing wrong and what I could be doing in order to get better results when building lighting in UE4?


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