I have one mesh .fbx model with a lot (like 124) .anim animations, which I want to use in Unity. Originally, the mesh was (it's actually rigged) -90 degrees on x-axis, so the animations are. Now, when I fixed mesh, I can't really fix animations.
First of all, Blender doesn't support .anim import.
Second of all, fixing every animation will be really long thing to do.
Now, I don't really know what the possible thing there is for my situation, but if you have any idea about that - just please tell me about it.

I also have all the different .fbx models with those animations inside, but

  1. It's still a lot of fixes to do
  2. Those .fbx files are useless because they are all compatible with one standart mesh. So, I can try to combine all those animations in 1 .fbx, but I'm not sure how to do this

Any help will be great.


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