Fellow Blenderers. I am nothing but a humble student that's currently learning how to rig. I followed this tutorial

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9f-WVs3ghI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9f-WVs3ghI

but it seems i have 2 problems that i cannot shackle no matter what.

  1. My first problem is my leg bones gets wonky like a mad goblin everytime i raise it.

The leg is supposed to rise to the front, but instead it rise to the left side.

The leg is supposed to rise to the front, but instead it rise to the left side.

  1. My second problem is everytime i set my mesh's parent to my bones...

enter image description here enter image description here Ok, now this mad goblin looks like doing a Fortnite dance

That happens everytime i set the parent to 'Automatic Weight'.

I have no idea what happen. I don't understand 3d at all. Help me.

enter image descripsione hwere

By the way, here's the file if you want to see my misery. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Sr7SFxaqSTxwO1fUHxknl3S22rNIGY7v/view?usp=sharing

  • $\begingroup$ it could have something to do with the IK pole angle, but maybe share your file $\endgroup$ – moonboots Jun 11 '19 at 11:05
  • $\begingroup$ drive.google.com/file/d/1Sr7SFxaqSTxwO1fUHxknl3S22rNIGY7v/… $\endgroup$ – baba babo Jun 18 '19 at 2:25
  • $\begingroup$ Here, feel free to use it :) $\endgroup$ – baba babo Jun 18 '19 at 2:25
  • $\begingroup$ you should apply the mirror of your object, but it won't fix everything on your armature, I'm not familiar with this bones setup, maybe I'll understand it... $\endgroup$ – moonboots Jun 18 '19 at 5:54

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