I'm quite the newbie on Blender, and whenever I try to export my model to glb, his eyes just won't appear on the final result. My model has shape keys for the eyes also. When I export to fbx, everything is fine, everything is there, but I need it to be glb to put it in my Oculus Home, plz help :'(

In the program I can see them as below

But once I export to fbx, I get this

Edit: So far, I worked with the shapekeys, deleted the ones I didn't use, still don't work :/ Oh and I'd like to share the blend file but don't know how..

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    $\begingroup$ Hello Janika! Please update your post with some images - screenshots, viewport render or better to attach a blend file with glb with no eyes! What have you tried? $\endgroup$ – RUben Jun 10 at 7:09

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