Dynamic paint has a displace section where it moves the vertexes of a mesh, and I've used that to create a footprint going into the ground. However, I want the foot to step into a puddle, create the footprint, then when the foot steps out of it, water flows into the hole in the ground.

I have created the fluid simulation with water and obstacles, including the foot, but the fluid simulation doesn't seem to acknowledge any changes to the ground mesh. The dynamic paint displacement happens, and then the fluid pretends as if it is still a flat surface and doesn't flow into the hole.

I have already checked the "Export Animated Mesh" setting for the ground I am only using the shell for the fluid sim, not the full volume. I am on blender 2.79 as well. Any assistance for this would be great. Thanks.

Edit: I've found a workaround that provides the result I'm looking for, but its slightly lower quality than what I was expecting. I used the dynamic paint footprint to create a shape key of a foot-print, then I deleted the dynamic paint and used the shape key in time with the boot to create a footprint. Water flows into the hole as I wanted, but it has a few issues flowing over the sharp edge of the footprint, because it needs to be set to "No Slip" because of the exported animated mesh. This method works for this simple indentation, but I don't think it would work for replicating more complex dynamic paint displacements without a lot of extra work, and even then the final product won't look great.


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