So I am creating a low poly monkey and am trying to rig it for a game. I am new to rigging and trying to figure out how it works. After creating my character's bones, I press rigify and nothing happens. I can't seen to get my meta rig (I think that's what it's called) to show up. The only thing that shows up are the arrows pointing in all directions beneath my character. Can anyone help me create the meta rig so that I can move my character around???

Here is a link to my project and down below is a screen shot of my project.

enter image description here

I am trying to get something like this, with all of the blue icons and controls. enter image description here


The rigify addon is setup to work with an armature that has been configured a specific way, this is made easy by using the premade rigs that the addon supplies. If you want any of the IK/FK rig features, you should start with one of the prebuilt rigs.

The shapes that you refer to are called custom bone shapes and can be manually added to any rig, not just by using the rigify addon. You will find the viewport display options (called display in 2.79) under the bone properties while in pose mode, where you can choose any mesh object to be displayed in place of each bone.

custom bone display properties


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