I am trying to run Blender 2.80 with another install of Python 3.7 (the one coming with SageMath located on my computer in /opt/sage/local/bin/python3.7)

I followed the instruction of the page "Tips and tricks", i.e.

  • Removed the Blender Python sub-directory
  • Run Blender, with the appropriate PYTHONPATH

Blender runs correctly. However when I print "sys.executable" I get


where I expected


As a consequence the property "sys.prefix" is


instead of


It follows that I cannnot use some of the modules installed with SageMath, as they use external files whose locations is given starting from sys.prefix.

Is it the normal behavior, when removing the the Blender Python sub-directory ? If so is there a way to set up "sys.prefix" differently ?

Thank you very much for the help !!



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