I am trying to make an object rotate based on its position. Basically the Y-angle

gamma = arcsin(var)

where var is the driver variable connected to the x-location of the object.

The only problem is that blender does recognize sin() but neither asin() nor arcsin(). According to the documentation of 2.79, asin() should work.

Is this a missing feature or has it changed in 2.8?

EDIT: If this is missing, would a taylor series of arcsin work? I could imagine that that would significantly decrease performance.

  • $\begingroup$ If it's featured in the documentation but not working, either the documentation needs to be updated, or more likely: it's a bug. Either way, I would file a bug report. $\endgroup$
    – Mentalist
    Jun 6 '19 at 3:18

Domain Error

My suspicion is rather than asin being unavailable, you are getting a math domain error.

in python console

>> "asin" in bpy.app.driver_namespace

>>> bpy.app.version
(2, 80, 74)

Indicating the math.asin(angle) method is known to driver namespace. Would seriously consider not filing a bug report re it missing

To test have typed #asin(frame) directly into x location of an object (frame , also in driver namespace, is current frame)

enter image description here

and as expected at frame 1, returns $\pi/2$ (or 90 degrees).

Remember the values passed to $\arcsin(x)$ need to be in domain [-1. 1], hence if i change to frame 2

ERROR (bke.fcurve): ../fcurve.c:2084 driver_evaluate_simple_expr: Math Domain Error in Driver: 'asin(frame)'

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