I am just now getting involved in photogrammetry and as we know the files are quite large. I am importing an .OBJ file from Meshroom and from the import to any other click there is lag.

Being new I am trying everything to speed it up, I thought deleting large parts of the file would help, but there is no clear way that I can delete from my import. I would like to speed this process up.


  1. Please what is the easiest way to delete a large amount of data from the image? (E.g. a counter top around a coffee cup. Or maybe grass around a concrete pad that has a statue on it. Or part of a cloud that was mistakenly brought into the photogrammetry process?)

  2. SPEED... baby SPEED. I am using the box select tool (B) to choose an area then X to delete the vertices, I rotate around to make sure to get as much as I can but with the lag there is 5-10 sec wait between clicks.

    I saw a video once where someone used a plane to remove everything under it or to the left of it. I thought that might work best but I cannot seem to find that video again.


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