Was there a specific place to post 2.8 observation? I would like to continue to use 2.8 but used the Carve option in 2.79 which is missing


As mentioned here, by developer Sergey Sharybin, 'Carve' was removed in favour of focusing on one boolean implementation (BMesh):

We've got quite comprehensive BMesh based implementation, which is way easier for maintenance than abandoned Carve library.

After all the time BMesh implementation was working on the same level of limitations about manifold meshes and touching edges than Carve. Is better to focus on maintaining one boolean implementation now.

A task remains open to track any issues with the BMesh implementation:


There is also a fairly brief discussion on devtalk.blender.org regarding this topic (there may be other discussions - I just found this link quickly) which includes a few comments from a developer who is working on the BMesh library:



Determines what set of algorithms are used to calculate the boolean operation. Carve uses the external Carve Library while BMesh uses Blender’s built-in library and should give better results. -Boolean Modifier

The Carve is actually an additional library which is mainly focus on CSG. It is not maintain now for 5 years. While blender have its own Bmesh function to resolve the problem.

There is no such a good reason to keep the outdated library in Blender develop road. And still, 2.80 is still ongoing. They might just add it back tomorrow.

Also, there are some add-on let user to use Carve operation in Blender in 2.80.


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