Just wondering whether it’s possible in Blender to code a file importer UI so that users can preview a set of 3D objects and add it to the 3D viewport?

I guess something sort of like this from Daz Studio:

I know there’s the FileBrowser addon and I can make use of the bpy.ops.wm.append() which I think I can play around with to get it to look how I want, but there's a few issues with it. It's not a static part of the UI and only comes up as a popup. I'll need to append the group/collection and just let the user click on the image of the model rather than navigate to the groups folder and appending that way. Also, after the object is appended, I’m looking to run a small script that will try to fit the clothes to the character (another reason why I can’t use the wm.append() function).

I know Archimesh had something similar to this but not sure how they implemented it.

Just wondering whether it’s possible and easy to do? I’ve tried looking everywhere but I can’t seem to find anything. I’m not a Blender python expert as I've only recently started dabbling with it.


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