I am trying to produce an mp4 animation with the following command within a DigitalOcean droplet.

sudo blender /var/www/html/project1/blenderfile/test.blend -P /var/www/html/project1/pythonfile/test.py -- 12:00 100 right /var/www/html/project1/output/

The errors produced with the following command are "Unable to open a display" and "Aborted". If I add -b to the command, I get the following "Error: Cannot use OpenGL render in background mode". This leads me to believe that I cannot actually produce an mp4 animation in blender with DigitalOcean because the GUI is not available (command line only). There is a question on this site present, but the solution requires the user to have -b in the command which doesn't seem to work for my situation.

My droplet is using Ubuntu.


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