I use blender to make model that will be printed with a 3D printer. I'm having a lot of problems exporting models in .stl format. I'll show you:

enter image description here

I started from a person's face 3D model. The image you see is a boolean intersect of his chin, then I added a sphere with a boolean union and eventually I made an hole with a boolean difference.

enter image description here

I used the 3D print add-on in order to analyze my model, as you can see it had some intersect faces, but nothing too bad. I exported the model as .stl format and I opened it using Meshmixer, to check if it was ok, it was not at all:

enter image description here

Also if it looks like it has a mesh descritpion, it's not, in meshmixer the model should have a uniform pink color. I tried to use the inspector tool, to check what was the problem and:

enter image description here

Every single pink sphere is a mesh error, basically it told me that meshes were all close, but not jointed. I fixed it using the "close cracks" tool, and this was the result:

enter image description here

Everytime I export a model in stl from blender I get an error like this, I know that boolean operations mess the meshes up, but I got these errors also for models that I create without using boolean operations. It happens a lor using extrusion, curve, etc. I check normals and i try to use all the tools I know in order to prevent it, but it keeps happening.

My question is: why I have these issues exporting stl files, and do you know good tutorials or websites that explains how to improve blender modeling for 3D printing?

Thanks for your answers!


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