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I have a package label with a background illustration that I'm trying to emboss so I decided UV unwrapping the label design into separate layers and onto the bottle "panel" would be the best option only problem is up until right now I only know how to uvwrap ONE image onto ONE surface at a time.

I've tried creating a new UV map in the data panel and adding the second image texture to it's material but that hasn't worked.

enter image description here

The top left image is the first image text and the bottom right is the one I'm trying to unwrap on top of it.


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    $\begingroup$ add an uv node and select the uv which you want to use and after you can combine them with mix rgb node being the factor input the alpha of the image that is going over $\endgroup$ – Diogo Valadares May 28 at 23:45
  • $\begingroup$ To add a transparent image on top of a material read this $\endgroup$ – cegaton May 29 at 0:57
  • $\begingroup$ To use multiple materials on an object read this one $\endgroup$ – cegaton May 29 at 0:58
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