been using Blender 2.80 for 3D animation, and at one point I came to conclusion that I could render faster using two computers - my home computer with Win7 and my work laptop with Linux Mint (each would render a different half of the animation).

But it seems that I have an older 2.80 (2019-04-14 19:18) on my main Win7 machine which renders a little different than the newer 2.80 (2019-05-26 22:34) which I recently downloaded for the Mint machine. I do not want to convert everything to the newer 2.80 but use the older Blender 2.80 on both machines (the lighting renders differently on the new one and I don't want to redo it all).

So, my question is - is there any place where I could download different (older) versions of 2.80 for Linux?

  • $\begingroup$ Its very likely that old daily builds are not preserved. Each build does, however, include the git commit hash that it was compiled from, so it should be possible to go back and reproduce the build yourself if you are so inclined. $\endgroup$ – Sazerac May 30 at 3:47

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