Is it possible to animate the wireframe slider in the viewport overlays using Python?enter image description here


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Not with keyframes or drivers

The overlay is a member of the 3d view space. bpy.types.SpaceView3D Each property in blender has an is_animatable property, declaring if it can be animated. Visually if you right click and there is no add driver or insert keyframes

Step thru this in the python console where C = bpy.context

Find which area is the 3d view

>>> for i, a in enumerate(C.screen.areas):
...     i, a.type
(1, 'CONSOLE')
(2, 'VIEW_3D')

>>> a = C.screen.areas[2]

Its 3d view space will be the active one

>>> s = a.spaces.active

And here is the overlay wireframe threshold

>>> s.overlay.wireframe_threshold

Let's see if the property def says it is animatable.

>>> p = s.overlay.bl_rna.properties['wireframe_threshold']
>>> p.is_animatable

Confirmed ... Nope.

There are some dodgy ways this could be achieved, but will wait for further details on animation required to elaborate.


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