So i have been trying for a while to use the ambient occlusion node to create a material which looks like line art (see photo). the node setup in the photo is basically along the lines of what i've come up with so far, as you can see it does a pretty good job of making it look like lineart but some details don't show very well, the details of the iris only show if i crank it up real high, but then everything else turns really dark. does anybody know i way i could include the finer detail without making the large details way too dark, doesn't necessarily have to be with ambient occlusion if you happen to have another trick you know of then i'd be happy to hear about it. Thanks in advance!. pic of my blend setup

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    $\begingroup$ Use Pointiness (output of Geometry node) for fine detail (feed through Color Range), use Ambient Occlusion to accentuate the general form. $\endgroup$ – Jaroslav Jerryno Novotny May 24 at 8:16

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