Fairly new to animations. Been trying to create a rock explosion animation for when a mining rock has been depleted of its resources. The way I went about it was section the rock into different pieces and parent each of the pieces to a an empty parent. Under the physics section on the left hand side I made all of the rock pieces as "Active" and I created a plane to simulate the ground, making the ground passive. Under the Physics tab on the right hand side I added a rigid body to each of the pieces and adjusted their mass and friction as i saw fit. I hit play to see the objects reacting in real time and set key frames based off those locations / rotations of each piece of rock. In blender, everything looks great and is exactly how I want it to be inside unity. When I export like this, I get one single animation file inside my .fbx and NOTHING happens what so ever. None of my actual objects have animations / keyframes recorded on them, ONLY the empty. When I add keyframes to each of the objects I get like 100 different animation files inside my .fbx, theres multiple different animations for each of the pieces of rocks. For instance if theres 8 different pieces of rocks, each one of those pieces will have 8-10 separate / different animations for each piece.

Attached is a video showing my animation inside blender before exporting. https://ufile.io/w1bsnto4


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