In Blender 2.8,the VSE gives the ability to add text but only on a single line. In order to add text on a new line, a new layer needs to be created .

Are there any operators which can be used to add text on a new line (like \n in Python) in the text block so that text can be added on a new line and in the same text layer?

  • $\begingroup$ Really disappointing that with the brand new Font feature,the VSE's text block only accepts 1 line per strip. Tried using the new line character \n in a bunch of ways,but it doesn't output the next string on a new line. Not sure if there are any other newline characters other than \n in C++/Python. However on using the \n command ,the output in the Info window shows an additional `. If I am not mistaken, ` is used to concatenate strings in C++. It means Blender automatically concatenates strings entered in the text block. Is there any way around this? [![enter image description h $\endgroup$ – starzar Jun 7 '19 at 16:40
  • $\begingroup$ I think the reason it adds the slash is because if it didn't, it would read the string as, line1(insert a new line)line2. They wanted to avoid that (I guess just because people who don't code would be confused when they were trying to write I like pasta\noodles and it showed ``` I like pasta oodles ``` So, whenever a backslash is inserted into the string, they automatically add another backslash in front of it, essentially allowing the string to output everything that is written literally. This isn't necessarily accurate (just my thoughts), but it would explain why they add the slash. $\endgroup$ – Dyamin Vanek Mar 27 '20 at 17:14

In Blender2.9 , Wrap-Width slider can be used to place words on separate lines.

enter image description here


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