I have encountered problem with middle edge loop of my model.
Some vertices of that edge loop are snapping to other side along Y axis when I'm trying to move them.

Model was previously sculpted a bit, and I was using mirror and multi resolution modifiers.

I first time noticed this problem when I was weight painting chin of my human, the weight paint was appearing also on the neck of the character. I also checked previous versions of my project, and weight paint has nothing to do with this issue.

I'm stuck on this, please help ;( bugged vertices location on human model

On the image I selected whole edge loop and moved it along Y axis, ofc. there should be no gaps between vertices.

EDIT: After further checking it looks like whole mesh is weird, random parts are mirroring on X axis, even when I deleted all vertex groups, and have no active modifiers. enter image description here


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It looks like there were active X Mirror in edid mode, after dissabling it everything works just fine.

I never even imagined it could do weird stuff like that...


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