When going into LookDev mode, my mesh is no longer visible, leaving only an outline of my object. Edit Mode seems to output a wireframe with slightly darker outlines than the regular wireframe mode. This all remains true with a fresh scene loaded. Running v2.80.64. Is this an intended thing and I've just missed a feature from a recent update? If so, I'd like to know how to make it behave as it did prior. I've uploaded a couple different images all changing certain variables to try and see where the problem is coming from. The default shader is the mesh's material. I have added a "sun" light and this does end up lighting up my mesh in the Render view while in Cycles but for workflow purposes, I prefer to use LookDev and Eevee. I have loaded up older projects and LookDev no longer gives a preview of shaders placed on meshes, everything just becomes invisible. To reiterate, this is a new scene with a sun light added and no other modifications. Any help is appreciated. Edit Mode, LookDev, Eevee

Object Mode, LookDev, Eevee

Object Mode, LookDev, Cycles

  • $\begingroup$ I have updated to the current patch and LookDev is behaving as expected. I am lead to believe that this was just a bug. $\endgroup$ – SeltzyBoy May 24 at 4:15

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