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I have lets say 5 individual vertexes objects with the origin all set to the centre of the screen. How could I set each vertex to the geometry of each vertex?


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In 2.79, in object mode, with all objects selected, ShiftCtrlAltC will send the origins of all the objects to their geometry simultaneously.

in 2.8, until you set a personal shortcut, it's available only through the header > Object > Set Origin menu.

  • $\begingroup$ Strange, It wasnt working before now it does..?? Thanks ! $\endgroup$ – Knuckles209cp May 22 at 11:08
  • $\begingroup$ ..@Knuckles209cp I think I vaguely remember a time when it didn't work, too $\endgroup$ – Robin Betts May 22 at 11:35

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